Welcome to Gainesville Independent Testing Service

    Gainesville Independent Testing Service (GITS) provides certification and licensing examination for regulatory agencies, trade organizations, industry, and certification groups. From a TQM approach, we provide test development, test delivery, and candidate registration services specifically designed to meet the needs of our consumers.

    As a group with over 100 years in the testing industry, we bring the best services available at the prices that are affordable to local government agencies and organizations, to assist them in making informed decisions.

Services Provided Include

• Job Analysis
• Item Development
• Editing
• Test Form Development
• Training and Workshops
• Psychometric Abilities
• Examination Administration
• Content Translation
• Contractor Continuing Education
• Construction Consulting
• Expert Witness Services
• Contracting
• Design Services

Broward County General and Specialty Board Testers! GITS,LLC is in the midst of an audit required by your board (General and Specialty Division of the Central Examining Board) to identify and locate candidates who were/or may have been overcharged for examinations and reviews under the contract with the Division.

If the audit identifies you as an individual that may be due a refund, we will be contacting you at the last address we have file for you. If your address has changed, please call us to discuss this and provide us with your current address and contact information.

This ONLY applies to licensees or applicants of the General and Specialty Contractor Division and does not affect licensees or applicants of the other Divisions of the Central Examining Board.